Return Home

I just finished my second day back from winter break and my second day back to Oregon State. It’s completely strange. I’m trying to figure out where I belong in all of the things I’m associated with on campus. I’m trying to figure out if I even still want to be associated with them. I’ve … Continue reading Return Home


  Well here it is: dreams coming true. Today was our last class with Michael (*cries*) so I got a photograph with him. Besides Mrs. Porter who was the only one who convinced me I was good at math, Mr. Heaphy who was just the weirdest cutest most intelligent man, Mr. Hoang who was very … Continue reading Confidence


*A memory from November 5, 2017 Gosh dang man oh man. I don’t even know where to begin. The last two days brought me so much pure joy. It all started with our journey to Salisbury. In the dark of night Wyatt miraculously found our flat and the next day we got on a coach … Continue reading Salisbury

Walk for Freedom 2017

I’ve never been cat called so many times in my life as I have here in London. It’s actually quite scary because it happens out of nowhere and instantly your stomach kind of twists and drops all at the same time. My strategy is to not make eye contact and keep walking. Once you make … Continue reading Walk for Freedom 2017

The Post Office

Today I took on the London post office. Even at home the post office scares me so this was big. I think it’s because there are so many rules when it comes to shipping things and the employees usually talk so fast because they’ve been working there forever and just want to get to the … Continue reading The Post Office

BA 349

It’s been over a month abroad, so it’s time to check in for Oregon State back home. This Sunday I went to church with Eunice and we met up with our friend Sophie in the foyer so we could all sit together. As we were walking down the aisle to find a spot, we ran … Continue reading BA 349